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deja vu

Posted by Kasey Powers on 25th March 2010

I thought of this when we were talking about focus groups.

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Princess Bride, Battle of Wits

Posted by Kasey Powers on 9th March 2010

This is the clip I mentioned in our discussion on perspective taking.

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New Year

Posted by Kasey Powers on 28th January 2010

Hey cohort,
try and add yourself as blog authors. It’s an option on the upper right. Once we are in I think I can privatize this t. But I think here is a good place to post stuff we are working on etc… when we get there. I will also link up all of our syllibi.

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Hello cohort

Posted by Kasey Powers on 19th November 2009

As part of my elective, not to be confused with “the” elective we are using the CUNY commons blog and forum.  I thought it might be nice to have a corhort blog and forum where we can post comments about readings, academic concerns, links, and whatever miscellaneous info you might think important.  This is the test post, I’ll work on getting the forum up and running and we can see how this goes.

Welcome to CUNY Academic Commons. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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