Developmental Psych Cohort 09

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First Year Proseminar: Spring 2010

Here is the list of topics we identified at our first meeting. They are ordered to represent what I thought would be a good discussion and focus “flow.” The plan is to be somewhat fluid in how we address each topic per its order so adjustments may be made to accommodate our time needs for each topic.

Week       Date        Topic                                                                             Speaker

2 2/2


3 2/9

Time Use/ Narrowing Focus

4 2/16

Research Critique

5 2/23

Mentoring: Interviewing a faculty member (not your advisor) in lieu of class

6 3/2

Academic Writing, Part 1


7 3/9

Doc Exam Preparation and Perspectives

Second years

Dr. Saltzstein

8 3/19

Faculty Briefing Note this is a Friday, 10 – 11:30

Dr. Hart

9 3/23



Spring Break


10 4/6

Funding Research Projects

Dr. Stetsenko

Dr. Peter Vietze

11 4/13

Writing and Submitting IRBs

12 4/20 Work on Research Planning DLV & TBA

Working Outside of Academic Settings


Note:  Attendance and active participation in discussions and hand-on activities is a requirement of this course. If a student misses a class meeting it is expected that they will let the faculty teaching “prosem” know of this absence and work with the instructor and his or her advisor to cover the topic of the missed session.

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